Dutchess Causes Big Accident That Leads To One Dead And Another Critically Hurt! (Details)

Dutchess got into a car accident last night and someone lost their life due to her actions. Dutchess ran off the road and hit a truck causing a lot of deris to fly on the roadway. A motorcyclist traveling behind Dutchess then flew off his bike after losing control on the highway due to the debris. Someone driving behind the motorcyclist helped the motorcyclist get off the interstate but a truck driving hit the motorcyclist trying to avoid hitting the car of the person who was helping the motorcyclist. The people of Charlotte are upset with Dutchess because they feel if she never crashed their family would be alive today. You can read the full story and see the video on our Gossip In The City Site/App. To join the app email gitcpayment@gmail.com .

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