50 Cent New Lady Friend Is Beautiful And She’s A Sista With A Banging Body!

50 Cent has a new banging hot woman who he’s chased after for some time now. She goes by the name of @cocochanel and she is a fitness guru. Last week, 50 Cent posted a girl saying how he wanted to date her but he blurred out her face so no one could know who she was. Fameolous revealed the girl the same day which made 50 Cent delete the photo. One of our tea spillers on our website Gossip In The City spotted 50 Cent and the girl at Andrien Broner boxing match last night. It appears the two are becoming official. You can check out the video on Gossip In The CityΒ 

@50cent finally got the woman he wanted. Video in the city.

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Ain’t nothing like a Brooklyn girl πŸ—½πŸ’…πŸ½

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