There Is No Proof Fabolous Ever Knocked Out Emily B Teeth Or Hit Her 7 Times In The Face Like Media Reported (new details inside)

FAMEOLOUS has new information about rapper Fabolous and Emily B incident. Despite what the media has put out to the public, there is no proof or evidence that Fabolous knocked out Emily B teeth or hit her in the face 7 times. In the upcoming months Fabolous will be cleared on his charges from what we have been told. Fabolous did make threats towards Emily B and her family. There is evidence of that happening due to Emily sending the text to the family. The video the publlic has seen doesn’t tell the full story of what really happened. FAMEOLOUS can confirm Fabolous did not have a knife in his hand as previously reported, it was scissors. We learned before the argument started that you see in the video, Fabolous was using the scissors to open his boxes that he received in the mail. We learned the rapper went into his home only to find Emily’s family that he doesn’t get along with in the house. That is when the argument begin and made its way outside. Fabolous was never trying to attack Emily as the media has made it seem and his issue wasn’t with Emily.

We admit the video looks pretty damaging, however we have learned more information about what happened that day & everything isn’t what it appears to be. The family of Emily and Fabolous aren’t happy with either of the two because they feel Fab and Emily are now trying to protect each other from public humiliation. The family wants them both to speak out and tell the public the truth but neither one will. Fab’s family feels Fabolous always puts Emily first and tries to protect her even though its runing their relationship. Both families are taking a lot of heat due to this incident and still neither Emily or Fab will speak. Emily B and Fabolous have court on a restraining order hearing that Emily filed with the court after receiving text messages from Fabolous. The media reported Fabolous turned himself into police then got released but the truth is he went with his lawyer to get a ticket that detailed his upcoming court hearing. We’re told there is abosolutely no proof of Emily’s teeth being knocked. FAMEOLOUS will have a source inside the court room to provide us with updates during this entire ordeal so follow us below.

You can also check out this video below about the incident.

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