Angela Simmons Is Low-key Talking To This NBA Star (receipts)

Angela Simmons is no longer with her baby father and may already move on with a new boo. FAMEOLOUS has watched Angela and NBA star Serge Ibaka for some weeks and the two appeared to be at-least talking. We have spotted Angela at Serge Ibaka basketball games on more than one occasion and the two seem to be in the same locations a lot. Swipe to see receipts….

Angela Simmons only goes to Serge Ibaka basketball games👀

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  • JustRight13

    I’ve been saying that we need to wait until all evidence come out before we jump off the bridge and make threats. I cant wait for them to get justice but if another girls life is lost for nothing than what? We never mind killing our own ppl with little to no real reason nor evidence. If she is innocent and someone kills her we’d would’ve lost 2 young girls lives.

    That room was empty during Irene going live and she was inviting people over to party. Shame on Everyone that was encouraging her to take her own life & making threats if she is telling the truth about this video be after hers. If not I she still lie and then again I just want Kenneka killer brought to Justice that means she’s in on it this girl Irene then Whatever she gets she will deserve.

  • Cťřļ

    Yeah no. Thats why i didnt jump on the bandwagon with these other internet detectives.
    Something happened to the girl yeah but what everyone else is saying aka rumers i dont believe until the police finish their invesigation.
    Like im confused as to who came up with this rape and someone saying help me? Because none of us was there.. tgr police didnt say anything about rape.ive listened to those videos over n over. And no.. yall are reaching in my eyes.

    • silhouetteblack

      I thought I was tripping when I didn’t here what everyone else was saying what was being said, in the background of that other video. This site jumped the gun on this one too….but the clean up is nice.

  • ShWa

    I was hoping it would be Romeo she was low key seeing, I think they still have chemistry from that show they were on together….

  • Queen B

    I dont see any proof that she’s there for Serge i mean the team has 50 other players lol