Exclusive: Offset Cheated On Cardi B; A Hacker Got Into His iCloud & Released Receipts !

Someone got into Offset’s iCloud and released receipts showing he cheated on Cardi B this year with some girl. We spoke to Cardi B driectly about it & she confirms it’s him. Cardi tells FAMEOLOUS the hackers released videos of her as well, and she claims the hackers are sending her messages daily. Offset’s outfit and shoes gave him away. The rapper wore the same pants this year in September and Cardi also confirmed to us that it was in September as well. The tea comes days after Cardi bought Offset a $400k car. Visit our Youtube for receipts. Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZLWWPcrNMM

Cardi followed her ex Tommy yesterday and said that she missed him. Cardi also went live telling ppl she was very emotional & now we know why.

Video of Cardi saying what she would do to Offset if he cheated months ago

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